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Help & Advice 
 in caring for your Candle or Reed Diffuser
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Important information about Candle care.

To ensure a clean & even burn allow the wax to melt all of the way to the edges of the container.

This may take some time, but is important so as to avoid tunnelling in the wax ,which would reduce the life of the candle. 

 Before lighting the wick in between burn times, ensure that there is no mushroom shape to the wick itself. If there is, simply trim / remove the end of the wick. The wick should easily come away with a finger pinch trim. A video demonstration is available on my instagram page of thistleandtwine_est2017 

If a wick becomes too short if may suffocate the flame. If a wick is too long it may produce soot to the container. The ideal length of a wick is 5mm.

Always burn your candle on a flat, fire resistant surface. Never move when lit, as the container may get hot. Never put your finger or any objects into the molten wax or flame. Never extinguish the flame using liquid. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Never leave unattended or within reach of children, pets or drafts. Never place candles closer together than 10cm. 

Always read safety labels and instructions in full.

Candles are made from 100% soy wax and as such may sweat in temperature change.

Never leave on window ledges in hot sun light. If a candle sweats, simply dab the droplets away with a tissue.

All candles contain fragrance oils and usage needs to be respected. May cause allergic reaction.

Avoid breathing in vapour or dust. If on skin wash with soap & water. If skin irritation or rash occur seek medical advise. Safety Data Sheet information of contents & full instruction are shown on the rear label of product. 

Important information about Reed Diffuser Care.

Diffusers are made using fragrance /& essential oils. Such oils may cause allergic reaction. If they come into contact with the eyes or skin, ensure that you wash immediately with plenty of soap & water. Seek medical help if required. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects if in contact.  Dispose of contents in a suitable container. Turn reeds every few days to ensure a greater scent throw. Never light reeds. 

Please read the rear label of product for full care & safety instruction including SDS contents of product.

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