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Working towards  Recycling, Sustainability, Biodegradable, & Quality.

Established at the beginning of 2017

Thistle & Twine is my very own small independent brand.

I work as a Registered sole trader.

I buy my basic materials directly from  UK suppliers, & actively seek to support  other small  business, especially those in my local community. 

My aim is to support to various charities , through Thistle and Twine, as much as I can.

Some examples can be located on my instagram page, @thistleandtwine_est2017 , under the highlight heading CHARITIES.

I share this information honestly, to highlight the charities, not for personal gain or as an advertising gimmick.

Subsequently the candle making came about, following a personal illness, to improve my motor skills & brain function. 

I have seen first hand, through various experiences , how illness can affect us all.


 I use traditional artisan methods to hand pour 100% soy wax candles  & hand blend reed diffusers . They are all vegan friendly & animal cruelty free.

I produce only small batches from my farmhouse workshop on the edge of the North Yorkshire Dales.

The amber candle glassware I use, is made here  in the UK , thus also reducing our carbon footprint.

 The soy wax is sustainable & biodegradable, making it not only cleaner for your health but also the environment.

 Only Fragrance oils and wicks are added. 

Nothing else.  

Each reed diffuser is hand blended using the same ethos. 

Soaps and lotions supplied are also vegan friendly, animal cruelty free and Paraben free

& are packaged in recyclable/recycled  sustainable PET bottles rather than glass this time , as they are less likely to carry biofilms.

(For an example of how PET bottles can be recycled please look at  Local company @umbrellaheaven_ ECO range.)

Labelling & packaging is kept to a minimum, so as to enable recycling of products. I make & handwrite the labels.

Every part of the process involves using/ &/or supplying recycled paper, card, glass or plastic . 

 I pledge to  minimise any environmental impact of the business, as best I can.

I also pledge to plant a number of trees per year relative to replacing the packaging used by my business.

 I will only make up Floral orders on request, so as to limit any waste.

I will not hold any stock supplies.  

My Instagram page , thistleandtwine_est2017 shows only bespoke orders , photographed prior to shipping.

All flower packaging is also recycled or  reused. 

I have removed the gift shop page for pre made floral arrangements, from this website, so as to reduce any possible  stock wastage. 

The only items that can now be purchased through the website directly are the candles & reed diffuser & gifts.

I am passionate about  the  products I make and value your custom. 

Thank you for your support 

Sarah        :)








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