Seaweed & Juniper

Seaweed & Juniper


This beautiful  fragrance is the essence of a lazy beach afternoon, lying in the warming sun  with notes of scilian lemon , orange and zesty bergamot . There are strong undertones of jumiper,rosemary, pine, jasmine & geranium, with cedarwood. 

Candle sizes and pricing listed as follows (& approximate burn times)

Small                                 4oz/120ml = 20-25 hrs £12.99

Medium                           6oz/180ml = 35-40 hrs £19.99

Extra Large                   16.7/500ml= 60-65 hrs £42.99 (3 wick)


It is important to follow the candle care & safety guidelines to prolong the life of your product & for your safety.










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Contains  2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan4-ylemthanol, Linalyl acetate,. All fragrance oils may cause allergic reaction